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Art Requirements

Vector Files

EPS and AI, (Adobe Illustrator, version 9 or earlier). Convert all text to “outlines.” Art should be vectored, no placed images.

Raster or Pixel Image Files

TIF, BMPs, PSD’s are preferred. When sending pre-existing files of this format, send the highest quality you can obtain. When creating a file of this type, make sure the design is at least as large or larger than the size you want it printed on your garment, at a minimum of 300dpi/lpi.

Supported Media

We can accept your digital artwork via email at, CD-ROM, DVD, or 3.5″ DS/HD Diskette.

Formats We Cannot Use

We do not accept, and cannot use files created in word processing, page layout, or presentation programs. This includes, Word files, Word Perfect, PowerPoint, PrintShop, Quark, and Pagemaker, among others.


When no electronic files are accessible, we can scan logos/graphics, or your supplied prints/pictures. A one time scanning fee will apply, and additional art charges may be applicable, if we have to clean up the art. When supplying art for scanning, it is best to have a clean black and white (no grey parts or half-tones), on an 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of paper.